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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Death Education Talk by Prof. Cecilia Chan

Twelve members attained the talk about community death education given by Prof. Chan on 1 Sept 07. We learn more about the meaningful project: ENABLE. We get a useful manual. After the talk, we had dinner with Prof. Chan and her husband at 7/F William Mong Building (the food is cheap but good, only $30 for a main dish). As Prof. Chan insisted to pay the bill for us, we will donate the meal money to HKU. Thank you Prof. Chan to give us a chance to make the donation. All of us enjoyed a happy night.

For the details of the ENABLE project, please visit


  • For so many years, life has been an everyday challenge, while death is so far away. An insurance policy seems to be quite enough. What's the point of talking about death if life is already such a big and overwhelming problem that can never be solved completely?

    Recently, I heard so much bad news about people around me. Even my dad recently had a stroke followed by coronary disease. Suddenly death is looming large. Just can't imagine we are going to loose our loved ones, one by one. And then if suddenly we have to leave this world one day, what can we do for our loved ones? These things are sad, terrifying and worrying.

    This talk by Prof. Chan just came at the right time to address these questions. Thank you.


    By Blogger Jonathan, at 4:05 AM  

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